Software Engineer

ThinkParq, Germany• April, 2019— present

Big Data Systems Architect

Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, Germany • Dec, 2017 — Feb, 2018

As a member of the Big Data department, my role in this position was to provide big data solution for industry 4.0 challenges. During my stay at Fraunhofer IOSB-INA I designed and developed the functional prototype of what it will later might become an universal plataform for big data technologies at the industrial automation area.

Research Asssitant

Data Intensive Computing Lab, South Korea • Feb, 2017 — Feb, 2019

During my time as a Research assistant I could focus full-time to finish and realize my projects done during my undergraduate research assistant experience. During this years I attended or published in the following conferences:

  • SC'2018 (Dallas, USA), participant.
  • IEEE Cluster 2017 (Honolulu, USA), main author of EclipseMR
  • IEEE/ACM CCGRID 2017 (Madrid, ES), participant.
  • ACM SOSP 2017 (Shanghai, CN), participant

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Data Intensive Computing Lab, South Korea • June, 2012 — Feb 2017

I have been working as an undergraduate lab intern in DICL lab since few month after my arrival at Korea. My stay of four years in this lab has gave me an unique experience in the computer sciences research challenging me to design and implement distributed frameworks which aim to compete current ones. Also, as a lab member I was enabled to attend several seminars from many great scientist from all the world.

  • Velox Framework architect and main developer (see below).
  • Simring prototype architect and main developer (experimental distributed cache).
  • Teacher Assistant and official tutor for Engineering programming courses.

Participant startup, Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship bootcamp (BMOE’16)

University of California, Berkeley • Dec, 2015 — Feb, 2016


Ulsan National Institute of Sciences and Technology, UNIST

Master degree of Computer Sciences Engineering

Ulsan National Institute of Sciences and Technology, UNIST

Double undergraduate degree of Computer sciences engineering and entrepreurship

Universidad de Cadiz, Spain

Computer Sciences Engineering Bachelor

Projects and Publications


Architect, Fraunhofer IOSB-INA • 2017 — 2018

FactoryStreaming is big data solution to analize, store and visualize real time data from Smart factories. It uses technologies such as stream processing, data pipelining, time series databases and industrial protocols

EclipseMR: Distributed and Parallel Task Processing with Consistent Hashing

Main author, IEEE cluster 2017

In this work I present a novel MapReduce framework prototype that efficiently utilizes a large distributed memory in cluster environments.

Velox big data framework

CoFounder, primary Developer and project manager • 2015 — Present

SunnySideUp provides a big data processing and storage framework called Velox. It has three main components: VeloxMR (fast MapReduce engine), VeloxDFS (Fair and balanced Distributed file system) and VeloxSQL (Distributed SQL engine). VeloxDFS was released on April’16 while VeloxMR is expected to be release in December’16.

Asian supercomputing challenge (ASC’14)

Finalist, Sun-yat sen University, Guangzhou, China • 2014

Only foreigner in the South Korean team of 5 members in ASC’14. During this competition, our team moved to Guangzhou in China where inside the Tianhe-2 building and within a power budget of 3000 kwh, we builded and optimized our HPC cluster to perform the given software as most efficiently as possible. 16 countries participated in this competition. Most of our work relied in the kernel level settings/hacks of our CentOS, building optimization and tuning the MPI framework.

International Supercomputing Conference (HPCAC-ISC’14)

Finalist, Leipzig, Germany, • 2014

Three months after China, our team participated this new challenge. The competition was just another event inside the International Supercomputing Congress. Again the constraint of 3000 kwh was required, however this time our team brought the HPC cluster previously assembled in our university at Korea. (http://www.isc-events.com/isc14/student-cluster-competition.html)

GUKKET (Startup Project)

Founder member and executive, UNIST, South korea, • 2014

As part of my second major (Entrepreneurship), I was assigned to develop a startup with a small team, our idea was an online market with the bidding feature for foreigners in South Korea. GUKKET was implemented using Django, mysql and html/css/javascript. Our idea and implementation was rated with A+.


UNIST Outstanding Contribution Award

Outstanding Achievement • 2012 — 2014

The highest undergraduate student honor award at UNIST. Awarded for the outstanding contribution to UNIST during the previous two academic events.


UNIST international Student Organization (UISO)

Cabinet member, • 2012 — 2013

As a cabinet member, our mission in the direction of UISO was leading and implementing improvements for the stay of the foreigners student at UNIST (at that time more than 150 students). This experience strongly helped me to build my leadership and initiative.

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